Thanh Nguyen Joint Stock Company

Short name: Thanh Nguyen

Address: B16, Ac Quy, An Dong, An Duong, Hai Phong

Tel: 0084-2253.594.168

Hotline: 0084- 906.041.178

Email: [email protected]

Webstie: https://thanhnguyenforkliftcrane.com

Tax code: 0201043116

Thanh Nguyen Joint Stock Company
Thanh Nguyen Joint Stock Company

The process of formation and development

Thanh Nguyen Trading Joint Stock Company was established in 2010, specializing in the main business lines:

Forklift trucks·


Excavator trucks·

Construction Machines

  • Installation services of lifting equipment, crane trucks and other specialized tools
  • Provide and hire short-term and long-term workers.

Understanding the growing demand of logistics in Vietnam in general and in Hai Phong in particular, from 2010 to now the company has bravely invested more diesel forklifts, forklifts of Japan, China and recruit more staff to serve customers. With the determination to improve labor productivity and continuous improvement of staffs and employees of the company, now Thanh Nguyen Trading Joint Stock Company is equipped with 18 forklifts from 2.5 kinds up to 28 tons, 40 forklifts, 245 workers loading, unloading, tallying and forklift.


Continuously investing in quality vehicles, improve worker productivity, drive forklift and quality service.

With the aim of becoming a leading provider of tallying, loading, lifting, forklift and pallet rental services in Hai Phong, Viet Nam and in the North, we strive to improve quality by improving customer service processes and investing in new equipment.

Customer focus: Thanh Nguyen Jsc strives to satisfy customers’ needs. We take the trust of customers for the purpose of operation. Thanh Nguyen is committed to providing high quality, safe, efficient and timely services.

Always dynamic, creative: In a competitive environment drastically, in order to survive and develop, Thanh Nguyen must always be dynamic and creative. In the company, we create comfortable working environment, professional so that the individual can freely promote all abilities. In addition to the company, we use flexible policies for market fluctuations and regulatory requirements.

Fields of operation

Forklift rental

Crane rental

Forklift repair·

Lifting goods·

Forklifts, crane trucks·

Forklift trucks·

Loading, unloading·

Labor supply for foreign enterprises·

Diesel Forklifts, Forklifts